Since 1988, Advanced Quality Engineering, Inc. (AQE) has been assisting organizations of all sizes and types in improving quality and business processes.

Our team of experienced manufacturing, healthcare and service industry experts is dedicated to providing down-to-earth, on-site quality management training and consulting. Our years of education and technical experience are guiding organizations to quickly attain the quality levels demanded by today's global marketplace.

We encourage you to call or email us with your questions about quality. We can show you how even small quality improvements can reduce reworks and returns, elevate profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

Dale Mize and the Advanced Quality Engineering team help companies like yours improve quality and outpace competitors.
Dale Mize, president, and the Advanced Quality Engineering team help companies like yours improve quality and outpace competitors.
We began delivering Six Sigma training in the Twin Cities in 2001. Get your training from the most experienced trainers. Our trainers are experts in their particular field who gained their knowledge from years of practice in business and industry.

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education and training 
Advanced Quality Engineering Inc. has an extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art business, technical and statistical education courses for quality improvement, cost reduction and compliance including:

- Six Sigma
- Quality Management
- ISO 9001:2008
- Lean Enterprise
- Statistical Process Control (SPC)
- Failure Modes and Effects
- Medical Device Quality Systems
- Supply Chain Management
    and much more

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    Our broad range of industry experts work hand-in-hand with your personnel in implementing all aspects of quality systems, including medical device and aerospace business quality systems.

    our mission

    To provide training, consulting and product resources that fully meet our customers' requirements and assist them in becoming the best in their field.

    Hi Dale,

    Just thought you would appreciate that the BB [Black Belt] training I took from you in the Fall of 2007 has now led me to a MUCH BETTER job in medical device component manufacturing. Having my BB certification went a long way towards being the job candidate of choice. 

    Take care,  


    Advanced Quality Engineering Inc. is a member of the Tri-State Manufacturers Association.