Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a customer-driven approach that provides an overall framework of quality improvement.  The methodology follows a disciplined problem solving approach.

The goal of a six sigma program is to improve customer satisfaction through reduction and elimination of nonconformities.  It is achieved, not through increased inspection activities which only add cost, but through breakthrough process improvement and the reduction in variation.

The results are increased customer satisfaction, product and service reliability, and improved company financial performance.

The results of Six Sigma can be outstanding if properly supported by management. The project completed by one of the participants in our Six Sigma Black Belt program saved $226,000 for the year and reduced their manufacturing order cycle time from 18.5 days to 4.5 days, with a cost avoidance of $456,000. Another of our trained Black Belts had annual savings of $4.6 M at the HMO where she worked.

The principles and methods taught in this training apply to manufacturing companies and service organizations equally. Since 2001, we have trained hundreds of persons in Six Sigma. Check our references! Our instructors are all industry practitioners and the best in their field.

Training programs available in Six Sigma:
  • Executive Level...........One Day
  • Management Level......Two Days
  • Champion Training......Six Days
  • Black Belt Training......Nineteen Days
  • Green Belt Training.....Eight Days
  • Operations Level.........available from two hours to two days as needed

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