on-site quality training programs for businesses of all types

Advanced Quality Engineering
AQE trainers become facilitators more than lecturers as the group applies concepts and learns collectively from the outcomes. The result is greater skills transfer.
Advanced Quality Engineering Inc. specializes in providing businesses of all sizes and types with state-of-the-art on-site instructional seminars on quality skills needed for running a competitive quality business.

Companies report that the most effective training comes from an in-person instructor. We began delivering Six Sigma training in 2001. Our team members have gained their knowledge and experience from real industry practice. Coupled with years of teaching experience, they successfully train and educate personnel at all levels in organizations serving many industries.  All seminars start with an assessment of the organization's culture and knowledge base so the seminar can be most effectively oriented and focused.

Relevant, practical training programs
We offer seminars in many quality management topics.  These seminars provide the fundamental skills and tools of quality assurance.  Participants "learn by doing" through individual exercises and small group activities based on actual workplace examples, often incorporating data from your business. We prefer to spend sufficient time discussing your needs and the audience to be trained in order to provide more relevant information, whether that be to workers, managers or executives. We become facilitators more than lecturers as the group applies concepts and learns collectively from the outcomes. The result is greater skills transfer.

Most of the training programs allow up to 24 persons in a class. The courses include a certificate of completion, and all materials are provided. Certificates of completion are generally sufficient as validation for professional society recertification units (RU's,) such as those for American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification.

scheduled courses

In addition to delivering customized, on-site training, AQE conducts scheduled courses and seminars at convenient locations. Check back frequently to see upcoming scheduled seminars and courses, or call Dale Mize at 612-860-0613  for more information.

training programs available

training courses for internal licensing

AQE offers a selection of education and training courses which may be licensed by businesses. There are many significant advantages to licensing AQE training courses including:

  • The ability to utilize in-house trainers intimately familiar with the business
  • The ability to train  groups of employees with an intimate tie-in to the business, its products and services
  • An ability to re-fresh employee knowledge and train new personnel as required
  • The ability to combine AQE technical expertise with in-house knowledge
The cost for a company license is a function of the organization size and the duration of the license. A licensed course includes all instructor and instruction materials. A copy of student workbooks, student exercises, tests and course completion certificates suitable for reproduction are also provided. Please contact AQE at: for site license prices, terms and conditions.

Courses available for private licensing:
    • Quality Management
    • Leadership
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • Internal Auditor Training
    • Problem Solving Tools
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Beyond SPC: The Next Level of Tools
    • Design of Experiments (DOE), Classical Method
    • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Leadership Skills In A Manufacturing Environment
    • Statistical Data Analysis with Excel™