Understanding and Applying the Principles of Lean Manufacturing

This workshop uses an interactive manufacturing simulation as a catalyst for changing deep-rooted beliefs, misunderstandings, and habits that create obstacles to improving organizational performance. This simulation is a hands-on learning experience that lets the participants practice making decisions about plant operations. The object of the simulation is to convert raw material into finished product that will satisfy customer needs and return a profit to the corporation. In this seminar you will learn and then immediately practice the following concepts:
  • One piece flow
  • Manufacturing cells
  • Visual controls
  • Push vs. pull systems
  • Vendor Supplier managed inventory
  • Product design simplification and design for manufacturability
  • Kanban
  • Work flow layout and design
  • Manufacturing metrics and performance measurement and management
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater yields
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced costs downstream
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Who should attend this training?
Executives, managers, supervisors, and manufacturing employees who are committed to learning and seeing the benefits of Lean Manufacturing.  Additionally, front and back-office employees who desire to grasp a fundamental knowledge of Lean Manufacturing are encouraged to attend.
8 hours class time - 24-person class maximum

On completion of this training...

You will be able to put this practical skill to work immediately by:
  • Identifying ways to immediately reduce waste
  • Improve speed and reduce cycle
  • See the benefits of product simplification and standardization
  • See how to reduce inventory through practices that make sense
  • Identify opportunities for cross skill and multi-skill implementation
  • Driving employee involvement and participation in continuous improvement initiatives